Bordolese 70 cl
Opera 50 cl
Opera coated with cork 50 cl
Painted Magiara 50 cl
Painted Elisir 50 cl
Opera 20 cl
Opera coated with cork 20 cl
Painted Opera 20 cl
Tulipano 20 cl
Tulipano coated with cork 20 cl
Painted Sabina 20 cl
Coated with Sabina 20 cl
Packaging sughero 4 cl
Packaging sughero 50 cl
Rings bottle anelli 4 cl

The Mirth

The myrtus communis is a typical Mediterranean bush, which grows abundantly in Sardinia. From its little purplish berries, following an ancient recipe, we extract the essence to produce our myrtle-berry liqueur. Its taste is pleasant and velvety, but at the same time firm and typical, and it evokes the fragrances and colours of our island.

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