The passion for beekeeping started in 1939 when Augusto Aresu played at being beekeeper just to have the pleasure to taste a real good honey, making a little apiary with cork skeps.
He extracted honey only once a year, using just a headscarf and not the typical equipment of a beekeeper (mask, overalls, gloves and lever).
Maria, Augusto Aresu’s daughter, started beekeeping when she was twelve and, out of passion she increased the number of skeps a little every year, until, year after year, she increased the numbers of skeps until eventually, she started selling some of the surplus honey to friends and relatives.
She kept going on until 1969, when she decided to be a professional beekeeper. So she bought the first beehives and everything necessary to be a professional beekeeper.
Today we practice apiculture with modern equipment but with an experience which has grown in the years.
In 1996, Maria Aresu decided to broaden her activity with the production of typical Sardinian spirits and liqueurs, in particular the “Mirto” (myrtle-berries liqueur).
In 2000, Aresu srl was created in order to produce, and sell all the finished and traditionally made products.
Today, still, despite modern equipment, our products are the same as the ones handed down by our forefathers.